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    Hacked out of Gmail

    I had a very decent password but was hacked out of my gmail account.
    The hacker just "walked in" and changed the passwords and telephone number and sent a letter about how I was without my wallet somewhere in the world.
    Gmail didn't believe me. If I had S.M.S. I think I could have thrown out the hacker - but I don't.
    I had a backup! That was nice.
    That was two weeks ago.

    Does anyone know a way to get my hacked gmail acount back? I filled in information-forms for gmail - no reply.

    Please help if you can! (I am thankful the hacker didn't lose MY wallet like he said I did)

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    If you have already used the Gmail Account Recovery options, you may have to wait for Google to respond...

    When your account is recovered, I would also recommend setting up security alerts for suspicious activity, and adding 2-Step Verification to sign in...
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