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    Windows 7 Network and Sharing Center - naming question

    Windows 7 Network and Sharing Center - naming question
    Opening Network and Sharing Center within Windows 7 gives one a nice picture map of one's network.
    View your basic network information and set up connections -- reads the first line across the top.
    Under the word information, between the monitor picture and the globe picture, is normally a picture of a house and a name [right now: ATT8605] assigned by something.
    Under that picture, to the left a little, is the picture of the house again, and a blue label Home Network,
    and a name [ATT8605] assigned by something. As noted, right now both places read ATT8605.
    I totally forgot how to make both places read: StollerGroup. It's not simply changing an adapter name.
    Some time ago, I made the computers read StollerGroup in both of the above places. I had to reInstall W7pro in one laptop, and I totally forgot to how rename ATT8605 to StollerGroup.
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    @ RolandJS

    If you are using "workgroup" rather than "homegroup" then right-click "Computer" then left-click "Properties" then look at the settings listed under "Computer name, domain, and workgroup settings".

    If you are using "workgroup" then each device on your network must have a unique "Computer name" and each device must belong to the same "workgroup", e.g.: "MSHOME" (you can name the workgroup whatever you want within tech. limits).
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