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    Lettered Networked drive doesn't show in "save to" folder lists

    I have come across several examples of this since upgrading to window 10, both on my home and work machines.

    I have drives W: X: Y: & Z: which are networked folders on my NAS box.

    With win7 these would show up as accessible drive locations for any program asking for a save location but with windows 10 only drives physically attached to my computer show up.

    Is this standard? is there a way around it?
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    Use "Add a network location" instead of mapping as a drive letter. First remove the mapped drive, then in Explorer click on computer ("This PC" or whatever you might have changed it to) in the navigation pane, then right-click an empty spot in the right pane and select "Add a network location". Any shared folders on your NAS will be available to the wizard. After mapping as a network location, it will then show up as a folder in the navigation pane under "This PC", and will also be available in "Save to".
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    If this is what I think it is, it's a bit more complicated than how you connect the drive.

    Starting in Win7, I found that some drives would not show up as available in some programs. If I open Windows Explorer, then the drives are there, but have a big red X through them. IOW, the drive was mapped but not connected.

    Clicking on that drive would connect it and it would then appear as available in all programs. The problem seems to happen because Win maps the drive before the network is fully up and running.

    I've also seen mention of it having something to do with UAC but is similar to ^^
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