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    Question Sharing folders and clients AD no take changes

    I have the following problem. In my company I have installed a DNS server + AD in WS2008 R2. The problem I have is that by sharing a folder for a group when I add or remove users from the group, customers do not make changes until you close the session and start again. For example, you do not close session until a user can access the shared folder but not within the group. I see something strange also is that if I access the IP, the changes are reflected, but if I agree for DNS changes are not reflected, and the DNS resolved correctly. Can somebody help me? Thank you so much!

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    User group resolution is performed at login. Any changes to a user made after that will not affect the user until they log out and in again.
    Adding permissions to a group will work without logout / login.

    I don't understand the DNS question.

    cheers, Paul

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