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    Win 10 Pro 64bit - Backup Problem - Missing files

    Dell XPS 8700, Win 10 Pro 64 bit, original RTM version (not 1511).

    When doing a file backup, procedures fails because of missing files supposedly in C:/Windows/system32/config/systemprofile folder. The list of missing files concern my Document folder and several photo folders. Their path stops with/systemprofile, but my systemprofile folder contains 2 sub folders, AppData and Desktop. The list of missing files returned by Backup are in fact not in the system profile folder. I do not know what tells Backup that the missing files are missing, or why the should be there. System Image completes successfully, with no mention of missing files.

    I am totally stuck with this problem. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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    Using Windows' built-in backup/restore program? I recommend using Macrium Reflect and FreeFileSync for a combination of full-image OS partition and data partition backups, and let FreeFileSync do some of your intermittent folder/file backups.
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    Hi I agree with RolandJS. Windows back up feature can't compare with Macrium Reflect.

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