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    Smile Document comparison in 2010


    We frequently use Document Comparison tools to identify changes in very large documents and have used tools like Litera and Deltaview in the past since these were seen as the industry standard. Sometimes, if our doc comparison tool was unable to complete a comparison, we would grudgingly use the Word Compare and Merge feature instead. It always seemed to do a reasonable job with the comparison, albeit with fewer optional bells and whistles.

    What we are really interested in is a solid reliable identification of the differences between two files - insertions, deletions, moves and format changes (less so). We are just about to move all our users to Office 2010, and my question is, just how good is the built-in document comparison feature to Word 2010? Does it stand up to standalone products like Litera??

    I really look forward to hearing your opinions...



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    I have no reason to believe that Document Comparison in Word 2010 (or 2016) measures up to the standalone products.

    In is useful, but I don't believe it has changed significantly since Word 2000. There is a feature that allows merging rather than comparing when both documents contain tracked changes. That retains the tracked changes annotations from the originals.
    I would be delighted to learn that I am wrong. For complex documents, I still use the method of converting at least one of the files to plain text.

    The following is dated. I have not significantly changed the part on document comparison since around 2004.

    Compare Documents
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