Outlook.com for Androids has a nice feature (one of the few, by the way, but that's another story) that I would like to see in my other email programs. When emails come in they are automatically (and for the most part accurately) divided between "focused" (meaning written just to me) and "Other" (meaning public newsletters and ads, etc.). It works fine 90% of the time and I love it because it unclutters my screen from individual notes i have to respond to and public notes I merely want to read eventually.

Other than this, outlook.com is pretty feature-free. But I love this part and would love to find an app or extension, or add on, or whatever that could bring this to my desktop Outlook or other email programs.

Anyone have a solution? I could, of course, go one-by-one to each incoming piece of mail and create a filter for it, but I receive quite a lot and that would be VERY time consuming. Any other ideas?