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    Win 10 Pro 64bit - Shortcut Problem

    Build is final Win 10 Pro 64 bit rtm (not 1511). Shortcuts are established by going to the .exe file of a program, right clicking, and hitting create shortcut; thus made has the correct path, etc.

    At the next reboot, the shortcut is stripped of the path info, the icon image is blank, and clicking the icon has no effect.

    I delete the corrupted icon, reestablish a new shortcut, and the same thing happens ad infinitum.

    On the url shortcuts, I copy the url from the page I want, go to the desktop, right click a vacant space and click New Shortcut. Paste the url to the first screen, name the shortcut on the second screen, and execute.

    After a random reboot (doesn't happen every time), the url path will be deleted from the icon.

    This corruption does not happen to every program and/or url icon, but randomly after a given reboot.

    It obviously is not a fatal problem, more a royal p-i-t-a. BTW, have run AV and malware scans with negative results. sfc scannow is negative. Problem has existed since installation of Win10, so restore not possible. Have tried "hiding" a shortcut inside a folder, but a few have suffered same problem.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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    Maybe you should get up-to-date and see what happens/

    Have you run a SFC /SCANNOW from an elevated command prompt?

    Have you tried using DISM to clean up the install? See How to Repair Windows 10 Image using DISM for a tutorial.


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