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    Experience with GWX

    There has been a considerable amount of discussion in WSL forums regarding the "GWX" ("Get Windows Ten") program installed on users' Win7 SP1 & Win8.1 computers. Various problems have been reported after GWX was released.

    I feel I have now dealt with GWX problems on a sufficient number of customers' PCs (about 30) to offer my insights.

    GWX Control Panel: before GWX CP became available I edited the registry and disabled tasks on 2 PCs to prevent the GWX auto-upgrade, but on one of those PCs I didn't get the registry edit quite right so it was ineffective - using GWX CP avoids that risk of tech mistake.

    Windows Updates settings: I have also, by trial and error, become convinced that WU can be set to "Install Updates Automatically" safely provided "Give me recommended updates the same way I receive important updates" is not ticked.

    In about 8 cases w/ Win7 PCs WU stopped installing updates at some point-in-time after GWX (KB3035583) was installed. In all but one of those cases WU suddenly began working again after I ran GWX CP to disable GWX. In that one aberrant case I had to clear the WU cache to get WU working; maybe KB3035583 was "the straw that broke the camel's back" or maybe it was going to happen in any case?.

    Download GWX Control Panel:
    More information about GWX Control Panel:
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    I've never ran GWX CP but instead uninstalled/hid all Telemetry and updates to make the upgrade easier which included KB3035583 and then went into the registry and did a search for all GWX keys then deleted them.

    Other than a couple of attempts by MS to include the Win 10 upgrade in Windows Updates which I've also hidden, I've never been bothered for a while although they have offered KB3035583 a couple of times and just this month tried it on with KB2952664 which also got hidden.

    The main one though for the GWX icon appears to be KB3035583.

    I have my updates set to Check for but let me choose....

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