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    PCs get smaller and seemingly so do PC sales


    PCs get smaller and seemingly so do PC sales

    By Michael Lasky

    As expected, this year's Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show was full of Internet-based gadgets (aka Internet of Things) and mobile devices. Not so PC-centric products; those few in evidence were ultra thin, ultra light, or ultra small.

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    Cranking out those articles in the new format seems to have taken a toll on proofreading of articles. The Kangaroo Mini-PC has 4 hours of battery life, according to a redirect page from the Kangaroo/InFocus web site. The number was omitted from the article.

    By the way, without an iPad, the Kangaroo device is practically useless for travel, which is where most battery-operated mini-PCs should see the most use. The HP mini-PC in the article looks much more to my liking, though it doesn't have a battery for mobile use.

    I'd like to see results of testing the Zolt on an ASUS Transformer Book t100tam, as there are numerous reports in forums that this tablet (which I own) needs an extra-powerful (higher amperage than expected) charger to charge at all when in "connected charge" mode with its keyboard dock attached. Most mobile USB chargers from third parties actually result in a net drain from the battery on this model of tablet.
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