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    Importing emails to outlook 2010 from an old .pst file

    I have an outlook mail connection which is OK. However, I have old emails from another computer which I wish to import (Inbox and Sent items). On the old computer, I ran Outlook, File-options-advanced-export. I exported inbox first to a .pst file. After that I ran export again, but this time I ticked sent items. I then found a .pst file called backup.pst in Documents-Outlook files. I assume that .pst file now contains both the Inbox and Sent items in it? I have copied that file to a usb stick.

    My question is, can I now go to the new computer outlook, and import into those old Inbox and Sent items emails into the new Inbox and Sent items folders without losing the emails already there?

    Essentially, I want my Inbox and Sent items to have all the old emails, continuing right up to the most recent ones.

    Sorry for the verbose post.

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    Instead of import just open the data file in Outlook. Then go to the folders in the "opened" file. You can drag and drop what you want to your current folders. Once you are finished close the old file.


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