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    Samsung Data Migration - cloning

    I have installed Samsung 850EVO SSd's and used their Data Migration software to clone the HDD to the SSD. It was simple and did a great job. I now have a PNY SSD that did not come with any software. Can I use the Samsung software to clone to a PNY SSD? If not, is there a free alternative? I found the instructions for Clonezilla to be intimidating and overly complicated when compared to the Samsung process. Thanks for any suggestions!

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    If you mean to transfer from the Samsung to the PNY, I don't may very well work as long as the app recognizes the Samsung present and allows you to pick the source and destination SSDs. Transferring an image of an SSD to an SSD ought to be very easy. It is HDD to SSD that can be more difficult.

    Let us know if it does work. As always best to back up the drive image before messing with it.

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