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    To sign or not to sign (a project) (Word 2000)

    We have a small WIN98 Peer-to-Peer LAN in which I have created some Macros to help us manage some WORD Docs. The macros help by merging data from another application to complete a document which is then Saved As into a specific folder with a specific name. After we make our final edits and click Save, the document is returned to normal (no longer a mail merge doc). To maintain proper macro security, I signed my project with a SelfCert certificate.

    Everything works fine on the system on which I developed the macros and signed them with the SelfCert certificate. However, on the other systems I get the following warning message:

    "You have modified a signed project. You do not have the right key to sign this project. The signature will be discarded."

    While not critical, it seems like I should be doing something to avoid this message.

    My options as I see them:
    1. Don't sign the macro project. But then we need to lower our macro security settings.
    2. Find a way to export a copy of the SelfCert signature to each machine. We have not been able to do this - the Certificate Export program says the certificate is not exportable and we haven't been able to figure out a way around this.
    3. Perhaps we can drop the macros from the new (Saved As) documents. This is the question being asked: Once a new doc is saved and 'returned to normal', we no longer need the macros. Is there some way to remove the macro project from the new documents while leaving them intact in the original? I suspect that 'timing' issues may be a problem in that the Save done after the first SaveAS is the one that returns the doc to normal (and the warning shows when the first SaveAs is executed).

    Any insight is greatly appreciated.

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    Re: To sign or not to sign (a project) (Word 2000)

    You might put your templates in a workgroup templates folder in one location on your network. That computer would have to be on whenever anyone would be using Word. The advantage to this is that you can check the option in your macro security dialog to trust your installed templates.

    The folder for your workgroup templates would have to be designated on each computer in your network under Tools => Options => File Locations (tab). See <A target="_blank" HREF=> Template Basics</A> ( for information on the different kinds of templates, where they are stored, and how to get them to show up under the File => New dialog.
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