I set up 2 displays - helps when working from a list on the secondary screen, etc. The secondary screen is a bit smaller.

One of the "gotchas" is dragging a window to the 2nd monitor & trying to use it later when I have only the main monitor running. I just fire the 2nd screen up & drag it back usually. I've also heard one can use the task bar "cascade windows" or "move windows" as a quick fix for this.

However, I had several screen icons (Chrome, Intel SSD Toolbox, Acronix) that wouldn't display their Properties window on my 1st screen even after moving them to the 1st screen. I even reinstalled the Toolbox with no success.

I finally found I had to change the size of text in the Customize Your Settings display window and then reset it back to my preference of 125% to fix this. My guess is that these programs' standard position for the Icon Properties window is in the lower right corner of the screen & they get confused.

I'm on Win 10, don't know if this is a problem with other versions.