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    Windows Update (Progress Bar at 0)

    I just installed the Windows 10 Cumulative update that was released today. I had Settings/Windows Update open, and I clicked the "Check for Updates" button. If found the new update and said that it was being downloaded. However, the progress bar sat at zero and Task Manager showed no network activity. After just letting it sit like this for about ten minutes, suddenly Windows informed me that the update was ready and the system needed to be restarted. I restarted and it installed.

    I have seen this behavior before - Windows Update looks like it has stalled, but it is actually getting the update. You have to just let it sit for a while to get it to complete. Perhaps this update was so small that it downloaded very quickly and I didn't notice - but it seems the progress bar should reflect that status - but it doesn't.

    Has anyone else run into this behavior? Not a critical issue but it is disconcerting and it sounds like a bug.


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