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    Windows Media Player documentation?

    Does anyone know of a good tutorial, book or document that discusses Windows Media Player, version 12?

    I am looking for something besides the Windows internal online help discussion.

    When I look on Amazon or Barnes & Noble all I get are books about Windows, not specifically about Windows Media Player. Presumably these books contain some information about WMP but I would rather not wade through all the other stuff to get to what I am interested in.

    Windows 7 SP1, 64-bit

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    Here's some Media Player documentation from Microsoft:


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    Nothing terribly appetizing. Two covering WMP11...obviously sold so well WMP12 books never made. Ten year old books, audio, Kindle formats. Not terribly expensive but I'd bet not terribly illuminating either.

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    Just get MPC-HC at mpc-hc(dot)org

    It plays everything - everything - all - all - audio and video formats - without any fussing around or changing from default settings.

    and it is FREE. You hear me? FREE with no nags.

    Also it plays everything and is free.

    It's even better than the one with the orange traffic cone icon (V something), that I switched from so long ago I forgot the name.

    It also runs on every version of Windows.

    Not to be mean, but I'll never understand why people keep messing around with MS media players and browsers - then have problems - then keep messing around with them some more.

    Just dump MS and start enjoying your movies, music and the web (with Firefox).

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    WMP or ??

    Quote Originally Posted by UncleStu View Post
    Just get MPC-HC at mpc-hc(dot)org


    It's even better than the one with the orange traffic cone icon (V something), that I switched from so long ago I forgot the name.
    The orange cone is VLC - Video Lan Control.

    Media Player Classic (MPC) is my go-to choice as well simply because it isn't a bloated media manager which Microsoft has decided we want. Windows Media Player is a good manager, except it does want to keep track of what you do. MPC is a player when outfitted with suitable codecs. It seems to stumble with really old MPEG-1 files that VLC handles with ease.

    Microsoft's singular failure is it's past refusal to deal with various forms of DIVX/XVID encoding which they disdained in favor of their proprietary WMV encoding. I assume that, by now, WMP will work with the quasi-standard MP4 encoded video files that MPC or VLC support, but, since I gave up on WMP long ago I haven't tried. A quick search says that WMP12 will now recognize nearly every video file except FLV & FLAC. It still can't decode DVD video (MPEG2). There are privacy settings for WMP that should be enabled to keep WMP from reporting home.

    If you want a media manager WMP is a good choice, but to play nearly anything MPC and/or VLC are better choices.

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