Outlook 2007: I have a custom contact form and would like to be able to open an existing contact, change to default form for the contact item, and re-display it using the custom form.

I have a macro that changes the default form for the item, but I cannot get it to re-display with the custom form without shutting down Outlook and restarting it. I have confirmed that after running the macro, the form type associated with the item is indeed changed to the custom form, but still won't display using the custom form.

Const frmname = "IPM.Contact.BizCntctFrm"   ' the custom form 
            If itm.MessageClass <> frmname Then
                curfrmnam = itm.MessageClass
                itm.MessageClass = frmname
                contactFullName = itm.fullname
                itm.Close olSave
                Set itm = Nothing
                criteria = "[FullName] = '" & contactFullName & "'"
                If UserForms.Count > 0 Then
                    For i = 1 To UserForms.Count
                        If UserForms(i).Name = frmname Then Unload UserForms(i)
                    Next i
                End If
                Set contactItems = GetItems(GetNS(GetOutlookApp), olFolderContacts)
                Set filteredContacts = _
                If filteredContacts.Count <> 1 Then  ' possible dupe
                    MsgBox ("Stop to investigate")
                End If
                Set itm = filteredContacts.Item(1)
            End If