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    Changes, but now I can't.........

    Getting around to this small issue that I am not sure if this is some setting I need to change or if I need to upgrade my subscription in order to have this back to the way it was.

    Previously I got emails of the newsletters with Susan B. in there. So my inbox has a nice folder where I put them so that if I need to follow up on a specific Microsoft update I can search the whole folder and the articles that have the update I am looking for in it are listed.

    But now I am just getting a small synopsis that there is an article and the only way now for me to read the article in its entirety is by coming to the Patch Watch. So my problem is that now I cannot just do a mass search for a particular update from Susan. Is there a setting I must change in order to receive the email full version? Or do I need to update my subscription to a higher level in order to get the emails again?

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    There is nothing you can do. This is the new format that Penton has implemented since they purchased Windows Secrets.
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    ... but you can do the search on the newsletter's website.


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