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    Unreqested Internet Dialling

    A frustrating problem on a WIN 98 machine, it wants to dial my internet connection for no apparent reason. To try to determine what was causing this I booted the system and then did a CTRL/ALT/DEL. The active programs are Explorer, Wkcalrem, Systray and Pop3scan (anti virus software). After a few minutes, but sometimes after a few hours, (time gaps between dial ups are erratic) the system will dial out (via dial-up connection/modem) and log-on to my ISP. The only other program that will become active is Rnaapp. From what I can detect, no other program becomes active. If I leave the system alone it will automatically disconnect itself when the inactive time limit has expired.
    It is not Outlook Express going off to check for messages as (1) it is not active and (2) the check for messages box is not ticked. Nor do I think it is the antivirus software as I have installed it on a few other machines and they are not experiencing this problem
    I appreciate that I could remove my dial-in password from the Connection Box and thus the system would have to wait for me to enter it before dialing out but, at this stage, I do not want to do that.
    Is there any way that I can determine just where this request to dial out is coming from?

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    Re: Unreqested Internet Dialling

    Internet Explorer
    > Tools
    > Internet Options

    Check you have not got 'Automatically check for updates' selected. (About 3rd from the top.)

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