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    Keep work and play separate on the same PC


    Keep work and play separate on the same PC

    By Lincoln Spector

    Many of us earn our living on the same computer we use for hobbies, socializing, personal banking, and so forth. That can be dangerous.

    Here's how to build a virtual wall between the two types of activities.

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    I deal with this issue by using two Gmail (Google) accounts (one for my volunteer work, one for personal) and then running Chrome for each account. I can have the browser windows side-by-side on the desktop. I use different backgrounds in each instance so each is instantly recognizable for its purpose. As I deal with a lot of photos in both roles, it's easy to auto upload them to the separate accounts.


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    I use Virtualbox and run a separate OS for my browsing pleasure (Sandbox). Within this Sandbox, I run a program called Sandboxie which I run separate instances for banking, browsing and my various emails (Yahoo and ATT; like to keep both separate since they both use the same Yahoo service). Been doing this for years and the Sandbox protects my host (Win10). I regular recover to a golden set point (update occasionally and do so by first deleting my session to the golden point, then replace with the updates that I vetted). There's no fool proof way of protecting your OS, but this comes pretty darn close to perfection.

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