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    Windows 10 reboots randomly on its own

    I installed windows 10 on my computer last fall. After a few months I noticed that it was rebooting by itself. Thought it had to do with rebooting after an automatic update so checked and the settings were to download and notify (not to install and restart). After looking more closely the random reboots were not associated with updates. I've searched the event log to see if there were some telltale indicators but I haven't found anything to work from. I did google and follow some leads but most were the equivalent to "old wives tales". Bottom line the machine still reboots when it feels like it.

    I've witnessed it first hand once or twice; when it happens everything freezes, if audio is playing the sound at the instant it froze plays. About 40 to 50 seconds later down it goes and reboots.

    If anyone can point me to a fix for this I would be grateful. Perhaps just the right words to google!


    BTW, I have a Dell xps i7, 24GB ram and a bunch of disk. When the machine is up runs well and I don't get any errors when running software.

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    Have you tried troubleshooting by running the system in safe mode for a period of time.
    Have you also attempted to troubleshoot while performing a clean boot?
    Have you run the system file checker tool?
    Have you attempted to Change, create, or delete a power plan, delete and re-create?
    Do you have the latest graphics/display driver available, if you don't, UNINSTALL the older one FIRST.
    Do the same with your LAN and chipset drivers, if available.
    Invest a little time and energy in a well thought out BACKUP regimen and you will have minimal down time, and headache.

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    Are you sure its not overheating? If its a desktop, open it up and blow out the CPU/heatsink with compressed air. If its a laptop, blow out the exhaust ports.

    If it isn't overheating, run a memory checker like Memtest:


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    This is usually the sign of a bad PSU. Can also be bad power from the wall especially if the PSU is of low quality.

    I doubt after months Win10 has anything to do with it.

    It will be very hard to diagnose since the reboot is not predictable.

    It could be malware. It rarely is, but it could be so that is what I would test for first. I'd boot up and use a up to date AV rescue disk rather than your AV since it has already missed it if present. For example:
    Antivir Rescue CD (free) (Direct Download)
    AVG Rescue CD (free)
    BitDefender Rescue CD (free)
    F-Secure Rescue CD (free)
    Kaspersky Rescue Disk (free)
    Panda SafeCD (free)
    PC Tools Alternate Operating System Scanner (free)

    You have already checked the logs.

    Checking for overheating (CPU HSF not working), clogged is a good idea though usually the symptoms are serious slowdown of the PC and shutdown not reboot. HWMonitor can help monitor (or comparable app).

    Check memory good too though usually problems with that results in a BSOD. It might reliably induce reboots and that would prove useful, especially since it is a booted Linux OS which means a reboot confirms a hardware issue. 7 passes minimum with zero errors before halting. - works for Win7 too

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