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Thread: Critical Update

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    Critical Update

    I have XP set to notify me of "critical updates" (some are more "critical" than others!). I received one a couple of weeks ago called the "Windows XP Application Compatibility Update". I looked at it, it doesn't really have anything I'm particularly interested in, except for ZoneAlarm. So I allowed XP to download it and attempt to install it. This has happened at least a half dozen times and the thing never installs. So I just turned it off so that it would stop reminding me so often.

    Any ideas as to why this particular update will download and not install? Maybe it knows I don't play games on this PC !!!

    Thanks for any thoughts.

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    Re: Critical Update

    See <A target="_blank" HREF= w=expanded&sb=5&o=0#Post105667>my answer</A> for a previous question

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