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    File Conversion (2000 SR 1a)

    Okay, I'm baffled. I use a VB DOS application which creates a text file. Over the past several months I have then been opening this text file in Word. I select the entire document, change my margins to 0.5" all the way around, and pick a Courier 12 PT font. It has been working fine and placing the page breaks in the correct places. Recently I began using a new computer and have been moving all my data over. When I now go through the exact same steps the 12 PT font will not put the page breaks in the correct places. I can get it to work if I go down to a 10 PT font however. Does anyone know why this might be happening. I would prefer to use a 12 PT font. I've made sure I'm using the same printer driver. I can bring up one of the previous documents on the new computer and it looks fine -- page breaks in the correct place with a 12 PT font.

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    Re: File Conversion (2000 SR 1a)

    I don't understand what the difference between your old and new computer - are Windows and Office the same versions?

    To make the text fit on the page, cange line spacing (Format | Paragraph | Line Spacing, choose Exactly, and start from 11 points).

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