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    BootIt Bare Metal

    Made available February 25, BootIt Bare Metal v1.32 now includes Image For DOS (like BootIt Next Generation used to). It's $39.95 for new users, free upgrade for current license holders.

    I don't know why I missed this when I posted about the upgrade of Image For Windows.
    Create a fresh drive image before making system changes, in case you need to start over!

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    Or use Aomei Backupper free, it has bare metal restore built-in.
    I'll stop bleating on about this product one day, maybe

    cheers, Paul

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    @ bbearren

    I gave up on PowerQuest PartitionMagic and DriveImage about 2004 after Symantec took over PowerQuest and ended support.

    After trying alternatives available at the time I bought "BootIt Next Generation", which has since become "BootIt Bare Metal".

    "Image for DOS" was included in BootItNG, and was also included in BootItBM from the outset.

    It suits me to use BootItBM on my systems because apart from being an excellent boot manager for dual-booting it also allows me to connect a HDD (or SSD), boot to BootItBM, then manage partitions and/or create partition images.

    The advantage of "Image for DOS" is that I can usually create an image of a system partition even if the system is failing to boot.

    @ Paul

    As you should realise from the above BootItBM is much more than just a program for creating backup images.
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    The advantage of "Image for DOS" is that I can usually create an image of a system partition even if the system is failing to boot.
    Both Acronis and Macrium Reflect allow you to make a system partition image via the recovery disks even if the system is failing to boot . Seems like a basic function of imaging software unless i'm missing something.


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