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    Post Resetting default sign-in for after computer "wakes up"

    Like nearly everyone else, I recently upgraded my 64-bit desktop from Windows 7 to Windows 10. Now, for some unknown reason every time my monitor shuts down after 20 minutes inactive, then the desktop "goes to sleep" 10 minutes later, I have to completely sign into my Microsoft account afterwards and I've never had to do that before. Until now, waking up from sleep mode only required a move of the mouse (which is cordless if that matters with anything), but now I have to sign in each time with my password. I am guessing that I probably reset something in the settings to cause it, but since I don't have any clue on what it could be I cannot set it back again.

    Is there some way of resetting it BY DEFAULT to not require a password to wake up following sleep mode. Further, I would like to reset the default so that if this ever happens again I can simply click the link to reset it back to default setting. I have found various directions online that I thought would work, but so far all I've succeeded in doing is to make it worse, so now I am afraid to do ANYTHING.

    If one of you experts out there can send me STEP BY STEP directions (in BABY STEPS PLEASE), I would be very grateful. In short, I want to reset things back to NOT require any password following sleep mode as it has always been before BY DEFAULT. Thank you for your help.

    David E. Cann

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    1. Right Click on the Start Icon and click on Control Panel
    2. Click on Power Options
    3. Click on Choose what the power buttons do
    4. Click on Change settings that are currently unavailable
    5. Under Password Protection on wakeup, set the Don't require a password radio button
    6. Click on the Save Changes button at the bottom of the screen


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