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    Question Win 10 download never completes

    After much hesitation, I decided to upgrade from Win 7 to Win 10. I find that it is impossible! I began with the Get Windows 10 application that Microsoft Update has installed on my two Win 7 machines. I get the large Win 10 upgrade window and after a few choices, it shows Beginning Download and the circling stars -- forever. I have tried on each of my computers, and in each case, the circle has run more than 24 hours, at which time I give up and close the window. My internet connection on Century Link DSL is not particularly fast, but I can watch two different Netflix feeds at once. Even 3gb should succeed in downloading in something less than 24 hours. Any ideas?


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    After having the online upgrade fail on me twice, similar to you, I now use the Media Creation Tool method instead. In my opinion it's just easier and way more reliable. I used the MCT to create a USB-based installer but you can also create a DVD-based installer if you want.

    (Just bear in mind that the read speed of a DVD drive is slower than the read speed of USB sticks so the install will take longer.)

    Hope this helps...
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    Hi! I agree with Rick! Media Creation Tool is the best way to up grade to W10. I also prefer the flash!
    My experience has been a little over 2 hours to complete the up grade!

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