Chaps, I've been grappling with this problem for a while now and finally have got it fixed.

After upgrading to Windows 10, my HP250 G3 Notebook was unable to connect to the network, complaining about not being able to bind the network protocols. Its very frustrating because if you cannot connect to the Internet, it makes finding a solution very difficult. I've had to revert to Windows 7 and try and debug the problem in advance before downloading Windows 10 again. (four times now)

Anyhow, what I did to fix it was to download all the latest HP drivers from the HP web site. Then download Windows 10 and after it was installed, reloaded the HP drivers.

I then loaded the IP address for my gateway into the DNS and WINS tab. As soon as I did, it burst into life.

For those interested, you go into the properties of the WiFi adapter and scroll down to the IPV 4 protocols. Select it and then select properties. From there you select advanced properties and add the IP of the gateway in the DNS and WIN tabs. I've since removed them and it still keeps working so perhaps it was a one time thing it had to do and the IP is not needed after that. People who understand these things might be able to give a better explanation. I'm just happy that the PC is finally working.

I hope this helps somebody else that might be having the same problem.