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    Tor Browser instead of VPN

    In the article reviewing Betternet mention is made of Tor Browser. I am not a person who has a need to be or is fearful of the NSA or or any legal entity. Would a Tor Browser suffice when I am traveling. I don't do any financial transactions or broadcast any personal financial or confidential information over the internet. When I'm at a MacDonald's or Denny's would Tor Browser give me sufficient privacy for simple stuff like reading my hometown paper, visiting national websites etc.

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    Tor is being blocked by some websites but for what you want to do, I would think a normal browser would suffice.

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    Hello homermn:

    Of course I do respect Sudo15's opinion. Each of us has their standards regarding system's security and personal privacy. I look upon public Wi-Fi Hotspots with nearly the same caution as a wise wildebeest views a crocodile infested watering hole.

    If you are traveling and find yourself needing to use unvetted Internet sources, you would do well to examine the many available VPN offerings. Then, run Tor, or the up-and-coming Hardened Tor, through the VPN tunnel. This combination affords you and your system much greater privacy and somewhat greater system security.

    As yet one more alternative, please give consideration to placing the bootable Tails on a USB thumb drive. For some, this may obviate the need for a VPN tunnel.


    VPN Comparisons

    Tor Browser 6.0a1-hardened is released

    The Amnesic Incognito Live System

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