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    USing DAO to query XLS Table (Office 97 Win98)

    Hi Fellow Loungers and Happy New Year to you all:
    I have a simple question today. How do I set up some columns and rows in an XL worksheet to be a data table so I can connect to it using DAO? When I use my ODBC connection from another XL file and specify the target file, I get the message that there is no data table in that file.
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    Re: USing DAO to query XLS Table (Office 97 Win98)


    Happy New year to you too.

    If you are getting info from Excel to Excel why not use the simpler methods than DAO?

    But I guess if you would give the range a name say Database, then Excel will know what you want. I did run through something similar and all I had to do is give it a name.

    Now as to the header row, I can't remember if it should be included or not, try both cases.

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