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    Unwanted automatic update to Windows 10 happening now

    Is there any way I can stop this? I had Windows set to not upgrade but, in typical Windows fashion, it did what it wanted to do. Now my machine is automatically upgrading to Windows 10. I do not want it. I have lots of software that I do not think will work with it. That software is worth thousands of dollars. I feel Windows is stealing from me. It is like they rang my doorbell, I told them to go away, and they push their way in.

    Is there a way to seamlessly return to Windows 7? I did a full system repair yesterday. I never did a system restore but I know Windows doesn't themselves on a regular basis. I know I should have done this but I didn't. I want to return to Windows 7. Is there any way to seamlessly do this?

    A friend told me we should start a class action suit against Microsoft. Although this sounds like a good idea, I feel like an ant attempting to stop a tyrannosaurus. Does anyone have any idea what I should do?

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    Duplicate thread. Please post only one thread about an issue. Further discussion at original thread -


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