I have Windows Pro 64, latest update. I recently replaced my BluRay player because the it refused to play my BluRay DVD movies. I took it out and threw it away. Then, I bought the Asus BluRay internal player/recorder. Every time I put a BluRay DVD in it, my computer will not show the drive. I go to Troubleshooting and it "fixes" the problem. The software program I primarily use is CyberlinkDVD 15. It will start and take me just past the warnings on stealing software movies. Then it freezes. Sometimes I have to restart my desktop just to open the drawer to retrieve the DVD. I also have the Nero BluRay program which is the latest Platinum file. It too will start and black out. I've gone to Asus to find the latest driver but Windows 10 Pro's driver seems to be later than it is. I've tried upgrading the Firmware but nothing changes. I take the movies to the living room and put them in the Sony BluRay player and they work fine, so it isn't the DVD. What do I need to do to correct this? Is it the fault of Windows 10 Pro? I've gone to CyberlinkDVD as well as Nero to make sure there aren't any updates that will cure this. Whatever is their latest driver, I already have downloaded and installed. I would buy another internal BluRay player, but at $50 a whack, I'm not sure whether I'm throwing my money in the wrong direction. Any info would be appreciated.