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    From IE 11 not launching to IE 9 not working

    After many hours of troubleshooting with Microsoft chat, I finally got IE 11 installed only to have it not open.

    I tried the suggestions in the post from 1/23/2014 k32rem wrote because they had the same problem. I did the sfc scan as recommended and it changed things. Now I have IE 9 which is VERY buggy and no links will open when I use it. It does open IE but if you click on a link, it opens a blank page. Also every time I open it, the Manage Adds box pops up and I can't add, disable or do anything with it.

    I've tried to reinstall IE 11, nothing happens, tried to Upgrade to Win 10 and can't do that either. I've also used all the repair tools and tried all the troubleshooting listed in the aragain post from 1/23/2014. I'm currently using Google Chrome to get on the Internet. I have Win 7 Home Premium 64bit

    This problem has become beyond frustrating.
    Can anyone offer any help?

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    Welcome to the Windows Secrets Lounge!

    * First, make sure you have a downloaded copy of the IE that you want to install. I'd guess that IE 10 is the one you would want, based on the fact that IE 11 didn't work out for you. I would also suggest downloading and installing an alternate browser just in case, such as Firefox. In other words, in case you find yourself with IE uninstalled, but not able to get another version of IE up and running, at least you'll have a working browser.
    * Second, make sure that IE 11, and whatever other version you have of IE, is completely uninstalled.
    * Finally, install the version of IE that you want.

    For the second step above (making sure that IE is completely uninstalled), you need to go to three different places, and make sure that IE doesn't appear in any of these places:
    * Uninstall a Program / Programs and Features
    * Installed Windows components / Turn Windows Features on or off
    * Installed Updates

    I have uninstalled IE from "Programs and Features", but I was unable to then install another version of IE. I went back and uninstalled it from the Installed Windows components section, and I was then able to install the desired version.
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