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    Microsoft Office Upload Center

    I found that there is an Office (2016) Upload Center installed and running on my Win7 and Win10 computers. I don't have a full copy of Office on the Win10 computer but do have a copy of OneNote (2016) so I'm guessing that's where it came from. I have the same version of OneNote on a Win7 computer along with an old version of Office 2010 but there's no icon in the task area for it.

    After looking online to see what this does, I'm mainly seeing repeated instances of others asking the same basic "What is this?" question along with "Why is it there?", and "How do I get rid of it?" There is a brief Office Support explanation of what it is and it doesn't impress me that much since it would seem to duplicate what OneDrive is supposed to do.

    --This program does not show up as being installed as a separate program in Control Panel / Programs
    --CCleaner does not show this program as being loaded at Startup.
    --It doesn't appear as a Startup item in TaskManager.
    --There is no setting in the program that will tell it to not load.
    --From what I could find online, it can only be disabled via the Registry. Except...

    Digging further into this, I found a solution. There is a OneDrive setting to "Use Office to work on files with other people at the same time". The one reference I found said this would stop the upload center from loading. I tested this out and it would seem to be true. It seems very odd that this setting would be in OneDrive and not in the Upload Center itself. Another in an increasingly long list of strange decisions by MS software engineers.

    This was not checked on my Win7 computer but was on the Win10 which explains why I saw the icon on one and not the other. I'm not sure when or how this got set because I'm quite sure it's not an option I disabled. Either I missed it or it somehow got reset.
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    Hello Graham,

    Just stumbled upon your post. Thank you for sharing the information. Would like to add that there is one more place from where you can disable the Upload Center. You can open the Task Scheduler by typing "Task Scheduler" in the search box. Once the task scheduler is open, look for task scheduler library in the left pane. Once you click on that look for Microsoft Office Sync Maintenance. Right click and select disable. Hope this helps others as well.

    Edwin S |Tech Support Team

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