Regarding two other threads I have going about oddities with OneDrive regarding deleted files and Enable Editing - all bets are off as to what is going on because I've just discovered that OneDrive has gone completely nutso on my computer.

It seems to have decided to replicate itself from where I set it up on my computer and is now maintaining a separate super-set of files back in my User directory where it was when it was first set up. I say super-set because there are directories there that are not in my (supposedly) default location. However, somehow, updating a file in what I consider to be my default location is somehow, eventually, updating a copy of the file in it's new chosen location, but it takes a reboot to force things to update.

It's completely beyond me WTF is going on here, but I see no choice but to unlink OneDrive from this computer then figure out what's the most updated copy of things and point it back where it belongs. FWIW, I never had any problems with DropBox and I am regretting ever making the switch over to OneDrive.

The more I work with some of the newer offerings from Microsoft, the more I become convinced that the train has completely left the tracks and is running amok in the field and heading for the cliff