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Thread: XP Headaches

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    XP Headaches

    When I shut down XP it takes a long time. Before the log-off screen two dialog boxes "End Program" pop up, the first is to shut down Explore.EXE and the second to shut down Connections Tray. You can hit enter on each box and it goes away or you can wait for each to time out - about 15 seconds each. How can I avoid these and shut down faster?

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    Re: XP Headaches

    You have either a program or a service that is not responding to the system's shutdown request. There are a few things that you could do to shorten or automate killing these problem children, but it's better to try and figure out what's causing the problem. Try closing as many things as you can manually before a shutdown via Task Manager and see if the problem still occurs.

    First question: did you recently add new hardware or software?

    Second question: how long has this been occurring?

    You can grab your original XP CD-ROM and insert it into the drive, and then go to Start -> Run and enter SFC /SCANNOW to perform a system file check. Do this when you don't have a burning desire to use the computer for about a half hour because it's a long process.

    If none of those work, you can install a tool like <A target="_blank" HREF=>X-Setup</A> and change the options for shutdown. There is one option that will auto-end non-responding programs and services, and another to control how long the system waits before it determines something isn't behaving. The problem with changing that timeslice is that you risk pulling the plug on something important.

    Good luck,

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