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    New HP hybrid laptop/tablet powers up with USB-C


    New HP hybrid laptop/tablet powers up with USB-C

    By Michael Lasky

    HP's new hybrid might be a knockoff of Microsoft's Surface 3 and 4 ultralights, but it stands out on one front: it includes the latest USB standard, previously available only on Macs. USB Type C (or USB-C) is distinctive not just for its top-end data-transport speeds of up to 10Gbps, but also for its high-power output.

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    <<I tested the more powerful $1,150 model with an Intel Core M7 CPU and 256GB of RAM onboard. This model’s performance was fast and fluid, even with numerous apps open and while streaming an HD video. I experienced no stutters or slowdown.>>

    It should be fast and fluid with that amount of RAM...

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    Bit of a side comment on your artical re USB C. I have had a problem with USB 3.0 in that If I plug an external USB drive into a usb 3 port on my pc, reset hangs part way through. Shifting the drive to a USB 2 port on the same pc resolved the problem. Researching the web I found many folk complaining of this or similar problems with usb 3.

    With direct use of usbc, or with a usbc to usb 3 adaptor, can we expect similar problems? Would a usbc to usb 2 adaptor resolve such issues?

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