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    Another Windows Update thread

    I haven't seen anything on this one yet.
    I have a Windows 7 (64bit) machine that has a new-to-me issue.
    Windows Update seems to be working fine, the list of installed updates seems to show everything installed properly.

    What happens is this. After boot-up everything is normal but it's not long before the shutdown button shows the little icon saying the system needs to be rebooted in order to install updates.
    That's odd because there were no new updates installed but whatever, I reboot the machine and the shutdown screen does not show the message that Windows is applying updates. After restart the startup screen also does not show that Windows is applying updates. Back to desktop, the shutdown button looks normal again until ten minutes later when the phenomena shows up again.

    I've run the Windows Update troubleshooter that shows an error was unresolved but the details seem to show everything fixed or not applicable.

    Anyone else seeing this? Is this related to my ignoring the push to upgrade to Win10?

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    Try restoring to prior the updates then redo them, but there may be something in Event Viewer and/or Reliability history relating to the repeated prompts.

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