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    Pivot table calculation and sort

    I am attaching a data base ( COLUMN A1 - M507
    ) and the related pivot table ( on the same worksheet (O1 - AB28)and in the last two columns I wrote 2 formulas. column y "% of Total" and column z "RANKING".

    Question 1 - could I make these calculations within the Pivot table Itself or can I only make this out side of the pivot table? If so How is this accomplished?

    Question 2 - Could I sort the pivot table by the RANKING in a descending order? If so How is this accomplished?

    Thank you.

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    Question 1: You can add the field again and choose to display it as a % of column total, but it will repeat for all columns. If you have Power Pivot you can create a measure for this and for the rank calculation.
    Question 2: No you can't sort by that ranking because it would involve splitting up the parent fields and a pivot table doesn't do that.

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