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    Win 95 install problems

    I am trying to install WIN 95 (so I can upgrade to 98) on my old Gateway (Pentium Pro 200, 3.6G HD, 82MB RAM)

    I have both a CD of 95 and floppies.

    After getting a new machine, I wanted to remove all the old programs and such so the kids can use it.

    Well, I fdisked it, reformatted, and tried to load, but it won't let me.

    When trying the floppies, I get an error telling me I have bad .cab files.

    When trying the CD, it keeps telling me to insert the CD in the the drawer, even though it is already in there.

    I have a boot disk, a Win 95 setup boot disk, and the system disk that includes the driver for the CD. Those all seem to work OK, but when I get to the actual loading of the software, I get the above errors.

    I have also updated the BIOS and also downloaded another driver for the CD ROM.

    I'm at my wit's end and don't know what to do. Where's one of those really mad smilies? Oh, there's one! <img src=/S/aflame.gif border=0 alt=aflame width=15 height=15>

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions, including any that recommend throwing it off a bridge.

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    Re: Win 95 install problems

    The only thing I can think of is that you're attempting to use a CD-R or CD-RW Windows CD, which may not be readable in the CD ROM drive of your old computer.

    What you could try, is to take the old HD and add it to your new computer as a slave drive, and from there, copy the Win95 CD <font color=blue>Win95</font color=blue> folder to the <font color=blue>WindowsOptionsCabs</font color=blue> folder on your old HD. Next step would be to replace the HD in the old computer, use a boot floppy, and run the setup.exe file from the HD. When asked where to install the OS to, change whatever it defaults to, to <font color=blue>C:Windows</font color=blue>.

    Just my CDN <img src=/S/2cents.gif border=0 alt=2cents width=15 height=15> worth... let us know what happens.
    Christopher Baldrey

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