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    Server 2012 R2 was Activated but now it is saying that I need to Activate but I can't

    I have a very weird and frustrating problem with my Dell server running Windows 2012 R2. I activated it when I set everything up and then a couple of months later it is now displaying in the bottom right corner of the desktop - Activate Windows Go to system control panel to Activate windows. However, when I try to activate it it says that the key isn't good. This key is taken directly from the computer and is what I used when I first activated it. So in trying to fix this I have discovered that Software Protection Service won't start. I get a 1053 error saying that it didn't start in a timely fashion. I have changed the Timeout time in the registry as per suggestions but it still won't start. And I also can't do updates. I have ran sfc -scannow but it didn't find any problems. Dell could not help me with this issue and said that I had to reinstall the O/S. However, this is not a possibility as the company can't be down for that long. And also, the server is new with not much on it. There were some programs loaded pertaining to the business and I uninstalled some of them to see if they were the cause but that didn't change anything. I also had uninstalled Symantec Endpoint protection but that didn't help either. I have scoured the internet for help but I am coming up empty. I believe there has to be a solution. Help please!

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    Check the dependencies of the Software Protection Service to make sure they are all started.
    Also, make sure your system date & time are correct.
    Check your event logs for other errors that may be related.

    Also, activation issues are a Microsoft problem. You should be able to contact Microsoft support for free.


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