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    Restoring from an iDrive image

    Is there any other software I can use to restore an image created with the iDrive app? I can't get the restore function of their app to work. I have a 1.2GB img file that I need to restore from one external 2TB drive to a newly formatted 3TB external drive. These are data files - no operating system is involved. The files are not in the cloud. Thanks!

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    I'm assuming here that this is an Apple drive. That means that the drives are formatted as HFS+. So you'll have to find a Windows Application that can read that format as it is not native to windows.

    Here's an article on the topic from Make Use Of.

    I've done this before so I know it can be done but it's been a while and I've forgotten exactly what program I used. Upon reading the article I realized it was HFSExplorer – Free.

    The other problem you may run into is that the software you used to do the backup may have compressed the file in some manner. If this is the case you could well be "up the proverbial estuary with out the customary means of locomotion!"

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