I have a Synology 215j NAS box that my two laptops and one desktop are backed up to and is also used for bulk file storage, particularly family documents, photos, videos and music.

The Synology NAS is set up as a Raid 1 array with two 3TB hard disks and I am OK with that as my basic backup setup. BUT as the Laptops, Desktop and NAS are all within my house I want to cover the possibility of the house burning down and taking all my originals and the NAS backups with it.

Fortunately I have a detached garage which has power and LAN access and is unlikely to be affected by my house burning down! I have therefore obtained a Buffalo Linkstation Pro Duo with two 2TB hard disks set up as a Raid 1 array and I would like to backup/sync the Synology NAS to the Buffalo NAS.

Can anyone please recommend software that would be suitable for this?

Thanks in advance.