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    starting Excel 2013 opens extra empty workbooks

    Hello all,
    We recently changed from Office 2007 to 2013 and now I have some problems with Excel.
    When staring Excel or opening a workbook from the explorer, Excel will open some extra empty workbooks. So far I can reconstruct it has something to do with activated plugins (linke Analysis Toolpack,...) and some hidden startup workbooks with macro's from my XLstart folder.
    But sometimes Excels just starts the right way with just one instance.
    My IT department says this is the normal way Excel 2013 behaves, but I'm in disbelieve.

    When closing Excel most of the time I have to use the Taskmanager to close the extra empty workbooks.

    Can anyone tell me more about this?
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    Patrick Schouten
    (The Netherlands)

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    Hi Patrick

    Prior to Excel2013, one 'session' of Excel could 'contain' multiple workbooks. This is called a 'Multiple Document Interface' (MDI). You would only see a single Excel in the Windows Task Bar. From Excel 2013 onwards, the application is now a Single Document Interface (SDI). This means that multiple opened Excel workbooks are now in separate Excel windows, each workbook with its own Ribbon.

    This change has an impact for Excel add-ins because all the workbook level events, methods and properties now operate on the top level window.

    In dual-monitor systems, the SDI in Excel enables side-by-side comparisons of two workbooks by dragging each workbook to a different monitor. Each workbook works independently of the other.

    With SDI, a workbook cannot be closed by clicking the red "X" Close button when that workbook is programmatically opened via a modal user form. One option is to open the workbook window, activate any other window, and then reactivate the workbook window. You should now be able to close the workbook using the red "X" Close button.


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