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    Unattended Win95 Installation problems

    Trying to setup a Network installation of Win95 OSR2 using MSbatch file to automatically set configuration options. This all works fine as long as I don't install network components.

    If I set the configuration to install Networking components and either select a Network card during setup of specify the network card directly in the MSBATCH.INF file (netcard=), the installation crashes out at the 'copying files' section with the error message 'CALL TO UNDEFINED DYNALINK'.

    We are using 3COM 3C905B-TX Network cards. These cards are not supported by Windows 95 so I have used the infinst utility to install the cards, then checked the changes made to Layout.inf and MSBATCH.INF. I have followed 3COM documentation for this, and also have had support from some people on the internet about problems with certain files which I have corrected.

    I know that this error message is related to the Network Card driver (possibly the included DLL file), but I do not know of anyway to troubleshoot it. The Setuplog.txt file does not contain any errors. I am installing to a clean HDD and have tried the install from the network and also from a CDR.

    Any troubleshooting tips for this would be appreciated.


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    Re: Unattended Win95 Installation problems

    You're setting these up one at a time, I presume? Are they on identical hardware? My preferred method has always been to create one working image and then use Ghost or a similar tool to replicate that image.

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