We produce diagrams for our documentation in Visio 2013. We often have several pages in a VSD file, and we save the individual drawings as JPG files, which we import into Word documents.

When we update a drawing, the process for storing the updated JPG is complicated:

1. File > Save As
2. Click Browse
3. For the first drawing, navigate to the directory where the JPG files are stored
4. Change Save as type from vsd to jpg
5. Select the appropriate file (difficult if one didn't note which drawing is being saved before step 1)
6. Click Save
7. Respond Yes to “Do you want to replace it?”
8. In JPG Output Options dialog, click OK

This is not difficult, but it's time consuming -- especially when there are a half dozen drawings to update! Is there any way to streamline or even automate the process?

It should be possible to do this with a macro, but my VBA skills are rusty and I have no experience with the Visio object model. Perhaps someone has already invented this particular wheel, or perhaps there's a no-code solution that I haven't thought of.