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    Renaming Windows account vs. creating new and copying files

    I'm helping someone who needs to change his Windows account name. Does anyone know what happens to the existing "personal" folder tree (Documents, Pictures, etc.) when you change the account name?

    That is, does the path remain unchanged or does the portion of the path that uses the account name get renamed, also?

    If it does not change (which seems to be my memory from trying that in an earlier version of Windows), will it cause problems to manually change the name to the new user name?

    Although it may be simpler to just create a new account, doing this means that some of his software has to be reinstalled, in addition to copying all the personal files. I'm looking for the best method from what seems to be two or three possible ways to do this. Thanks!

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    I'm sorry to have to confirm your memory of what happens. Your best move is to create a new user account with the desired name.


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