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    Can't move emails between folders in Thunderbird.

    There are 2 IMAP email accounts on the computer. I have been able to save emails from the inbox of account a to folders on account b until the computer was hit by the Locky ransomeware. It did not appear that Locky affected the Thunderbird folders or program. Shortly after everything was running again, I found I could not drag and drop or move with the context menu an email between the accounts. In addition the program will not save a copy of an email to the sent folder in IMAP but will save the copy to the local folders sent folder. I haven't tried reinstalling Thunderbird yet. Can anyone help?

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    Thunderbird uses two folders:
    Users --> [user] --> AppData --> Local --> Thunderbird
    Users --> [user] --> AppData --> Roaming --> Thunderbird
    Save everything in those folders to a safe place. What I do not know: how and where Thunderbird keeps two separate accounts within those folders.
    Uninstall Thunderbird, restart, reinstall Thunderbird. Keep us updated as to what happens.
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