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    Post Does any configuration improve speed of downloads?

    Hi! Does any type of computer configuration improve the speed and success of downloads? Some say that it does, but I don't know who to believe. In my case, I have no other choices of fast-speed type of ISP than what we already have, as it is the only one available for our area. The type of computer I have is Lenovo ThinkPad 510, with windows 7. We use a router to connect to the internet.

    I already know that some things can affect the speed and success of downloads, such as: (1) keeping computer clean by using anti-malware programs (2) Checking and getting rid of all suspicious (that may hold viruses) programs in the computer (3) Getting rid of programs not being used (4) disabling in msconfig - programs not often used. I am careful to do all of this to the best of my knowledge and ability.

    Tell me your opinions on this. Thanks!


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    Good afternoon and Welcome to the Lounge!

    The speed and success of download depends (IMHO!) largely on the quality of your broadband line, for speeds less than about 50 Mbps. If it is 'clean', without errors, then you shouldn't have a problem.

    The download speed at your laptop or PC may also depend whether you are using a wireless connection to your router, which is usually slower than a wired ethernet connection.

    What speed do you have, and is the line ADSL or cable?

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    And you're correct in not ever using any product's boost-speed, PC-speed, PC trimNslim, etc., modules or services.
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    Not since XP. OS after that came defaulted pretty good as far as Internet speed goes.

    Your drive may be limiting speed. Try downloading to a flash drive and see if it speeds up.

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