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    Post Add/remove programs - what Lenovo programs to keep?

    Hi! The type of computer I have is Lenovo ThinkPad 510, with windows 7. In my efforts to get rid of unneeded computer programs, I have already uninstalled some of Lenovo's programs that looked unnessary. I have kept these (all labeled as being from 2011): (1) System update (2) ThinkVantage Protection system (3) ThinkVantage Communications utility (4) Windows driver package...(5) Lenovo ThinkVantage toolbox (6) Lenovo Interface driver (7) Lenovo service bridge. But maybe I don't need some of these either. Tell me what you think!

    But I don't see any evidence that any of these programs do my computer any good or at least don't know to find any evidence that it does anything worthwhile. As for updates, my computer is unable to download them - even after my having downloaded the Lenovo Service Bridge. No updates show up in the add/remove programs after my efforts to download them. I have not been able to download most microsoft updates either, by the way. Someone else in your posts suggested it might be Microsoft's way to try to force people to use Windows 10. I don't know if inability to download the updates could have an adverse affect on the ability to download the Lenovo updates. But in any case - neither are downloading well on my computer - most of what I try to download of them fails to download successfully.

    Let me know your opinions. Thanks!

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    Could be you may not be able to Upgrade to Win10 if Lenovo did not make updates available for your machine that are compatible with Win10. I've seen that with other brands going from Win7 to Win8.1 and a clean install was the only work-around BUT there had to be drivers available from either the brand or the motherboard maker/vendor. With Win7 running I'd check the Win8 Compatibility as most things on Win8 will work with Win10 but no guarantee.

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    Hi, Debby.

    I don't think you actually need any of those installs. Check that you have no warning marks showing in Device Manager and then create a Restore point before removing them.

    Windows Update has been troublesome for months for W7/8 users, try the workaround method outlined here, if you haven't already done so.

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