I am tring to configure my computer to collect security events from our domain controllers (collector initiated).
out of the three domain controllers, one DC is throwing an error: Code (0x80338029): The WS-Management service cannot complete the operation within the time specified in OperationTimeout

I compared the winrm settings between two DC's (one works the other is the one with the error), and didn't find any differences between the settings (compared by using the command winrm get winrm/config)
all of the DC are 2012R2, and the logs are set to the same size limit (2 GB), and the used winrm settings are the default ones. (just to make sure I used again on the problematic DC winrm quickconfig command)

all solutions I have found on google are related to increasing the timeout interval on poweshell session, but this does not help me.
Please help